A residential

A residential colony has a population of 5400, and 60 liters of water is required per person per day. The effective utilization of rainwater constructed a water reservoir measuring 48m × 27m × 25m to collect the rainwater. For how many days the water in this tank is sufficient? If during rain the height of water level is 5 m?

Correct answer:

d1 =  100 d
d2 =  20 d

Step-by-step explanation:

n=5400 V0=60 l m3=60:1000  m3=0.06 m3  d=n V0=5400 0.06=324 m3/d  a=48 m b=27 m c=25 m  V1=a b c=48 27 25=32400 m3 d1=V1/d=32400/324=100 d
c2=5 m V2=a b c2=48 27 5=6480 m3 d2=V2/d=6480/324=20 d

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