Sidewalk 63134

There is a 2m wide sidewalk built around the circular fountain. The radii of the circles that delimit the path on both sides are 4:3. What area in square meters does this sidewalk occupy?

Correct answer:

S =  87.9646 m2

Step-by-step explanation:

r1=r2+2 r1=34 r2  r1=r2+2 r1=4/3 r2  r1r2=2 3r14r2=0  Pivot:Row1Row2 3r14r2=0 r1r2=2  Row231 Row1Row2 3r14r2=0 0.33r2=2  r2=0.333333332=6 r1=30+4r2=30+4 6=8  r1=8 r2=6  S=π r12π r22=3.1416 823.1416 62=87.9646 m2

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