Mother divided her three children's oranges in a ratio of 6:5:4. Two children gave 45 oranges. How many oranges were there?

Correct answer:

n =  75

Step-by-step explanation:

a:b:c=6+5+4 a+b=45b+c=45c+a=45  k1=6+5+46=52=0.4 k2=6+5+45=310.3333 k3=6+5+44=1540.2667  q1=k1+k2=0.4+0.3333=15110.7333 q2=k1+k3=0.4+0.2667=320.6667 q3=k3+k2=0.2667+0.3333=53=0.6  n1=45/q1=45/0.7333=11675=6111461.3636 n2=45/q2=45/0.6667=2135=6721=67.5 n3=45/q3=45/0.6=75  n=n3=75  a=k1 n=0.4 75=30 b=k2 n=0.3333 75=25 c=k3 n=0.2667 75=20  n=75

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