The crater of a volcano is approximately in the shape of a cone of a base 3.1416 square miles. The crater's depth is 1500 ft. How many cubic yards of earth would be required to fill this cavity?

Correct answer:

x =  1621903360 yd3

Step-by-step explanation:

S1=3.1416 mi2 S=S1 3097600=3.1416 3097600=9731420.16 yd2 h=1500 ft yd=1500:3  yd=500 yd  x=31 S h=31 9731420.16 500=1621903360 yd3=1.622109 yd3

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Math student
Why did you multiply the base by 3097600 and why did you divide the height by 3 .

1 year ago  3 Likes
Where did you get 3097600

3 months ago  1 Like
3097600 is unit conversion constant between square miles and square yards.


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