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Little Pavel was assembling building blocks (a cube is shaped like a cube). He wanted to build a big cube. However, he had 75 dice left, so he increased the edge by one die. Then he was missing 16 dice. How many cubes did he have in the kit?

Correct answer:

n =  5

Step-by-step explanation:

V1 = V2 = a3 = b3  n3 + 75 = (n+1)3  16  n3 + 75 = n3 + 3 n2 + 3 n + 1  16  75=3n2+3n+116  75=3 n2+3 n+116 3n23n+90=0 3n2+3n90=0 3 ...  prime number 90=2325 GCD(3,3,90)=3  n2+n30=0  a=1;b=1;c=30 D=b24ac=1241(30)=121 D>0  n1,2=2ab±D=21±121 n1,2=21±11 n1,2=0.5±5.5 n1=5 n2=6  n>0 n=n1=5

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