Gold inheritance

The king divided the inheritance with his three sons in the ratio of 7: 6: 4. Two of them received 286,000 gold. How much each of the sons got.

Correct answer:

a =  154000
b =  132000
c =  88000

Step-by-step explanation:

k1=7+6+47=1770.4118 k2=7+6+46=1760.3529 k3=7+6+44=1740.2353  t=286000  z=t/(k1+k2)=286000/(0.4118+0.3529)=374000 a=z k1=374000 0.4118=154000
b=z k2=374000 0.3529=132000
c=z k3=374000 0.2353=88000

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