A man 12

A man in his will shared his money geometrically among his six sons, so the eldest son received #5,589 and the youngest son received #736.

(A)How much will the fourth son receive?
(B)How much was shared among them

Correct answer:

g4 =  2484
s =  15295

Step-by-step explanation:

g6=5589 g1=736  g6= q1 q5  q=5g6/g1=55589/736=23=121=1.5  g4=g1 q3=736 1.53=2484
g5=g4 q=2484 1.5=3726 g3=g4/q=2484/1.5=1656 g2=g3/q=1656/1.5=1104 g1=g2/q=1104/1.5=736 s=g1+g2+g3+g4+g5+g6=736+1104+1656+2484+3726+5589=15295

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