Three-digit 69114

How many three-digit numbers have a digit sum of 6?
Write the ratio of the number of created even and odd numbers and adjust it to the basic form.

Correct answer:

n =  21
r =  4:3

Step-by-step explanation:

n1=105N1 n2=114P1 n3=123N2 n4=132P2 n5=141N3 n6=150P3 n7=204P4 n8=213N4 n9=222P5 n10=231N5 n11=240P6 n12=303N6 n13=312P7 n14=321N7 n15=330P8 n16=402P9 n17=411N8 n18=420P10 n19=501N9 n20=510P11 n21=600P12  n=21

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