Three-digit 9601

Majka researched multi-digit numbers, in which odd and even numbers alternate regularly. Those who start with an odd number are called comics, and those who start with an even number are called cheerful. (For, number 32387 is comic, and number 4529 is hilarious.)
Majka created one three-digit comic and one three-digit funny number, while the six digits used were different, not 0. The sum of these two numbers was 1617. The product of these two numbers ended in the double number 40.

Determine the mother's numbers and calculate their product.

Correct answer:

a2 =  672
b2 =  945
s2 =  635040

Step-by-step explanation:

a2=672 b2=945  x2=a2+b2=672+945=1617 y2=a2 b2=672 945=635040
s2=a2 b2=672 945=635040

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