Left handed

It is known that 25% of the population is left-handed. What is the probability that there is a maximum of three left-handers at a seminar where there are 30 participants?

Correct answer:

p =  3.7449 %

Step-by-step explanation:

q=25/100=41=0.25 r=1q=10.25=43=0.75 C0(30)=(030)=0!(300)!30!=11=1  p0=(030) q0 r300=1 0.250 0.753000.0002 C1(30)=(130)=1!(301)!30!=130=30  p1=(130) q1 r301=30 0.251 0.753010.0018 C2(30)=(230)=2!(302)!30!=213029=435  p2=(230) q2 r302=435 0.252 0.753020.0086 C3(30)=(330)=3!(303)!30!=321302928=4060  p3=(330) q3 r303=4060 0.253 0.753030.0269  p=100 (p0+p1+p2+p3)=100 (0.0002+0.0018+0.0086+0.0269)=3.7449%

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