Students and exam

In a certain college accounting is one of the courses, among the accounting students 60% are male among the male students 75% passed in the exams while among the female 50% failed.
(a) present this using a probability tree diagram
(b) determine probability that an accounting student selected at random passed the exams
(c)an accounting student is selected at random. Find the probability that it is a male
(d)an accounting student who failed the exam. Determine she is female

Correct answer:

b =  0.65
c =  0.6
d =  0.875

Step-by-step explanation:

m=60%=10060=0.6 f=1m=10.6=52=0.4  b=m 0.75+f (10.50)=0.6 0.75+0.4 (10.50)=2013=0.65
P(AB)=P(A)P(BA)=P(B)P(AB) d=fm 0.25+f 0.50=0.40.6 0.25+0.4 0.50=87=0.875

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