A construction

A construction worker is trying to find the height of a skyrise building while standing some distance away from the base of the building with an angle of elevation of 65 degrees. The worker moves 50 feet closer and measures the angle of elevation to be 75 degrees. Find the height of the building.

Correct answer:

h =  252.0689 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

α=65  β=75  d=50 ft  tanβ=h:x tanα=h:t=h:(x+d)  h=x tanβ h=(x+d) tanα  x tanβ=(x+d) tanα x tanβ=x tanα+d tanα x tanβx tanα=d tanα  x=d tanβtanαtanα=d tan75° tan65° tan65° =50 tan75° tan65° tan65° =50 3.7320512.1445072.144507=67.54166 ft  h=x tanβ=x tan75° =67.5417 tan75° =67.5417 3.732051=252.069=252.0689 ft

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