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Three houses form a triangular shape. House A is 50 feet from house C and house B is 60 feet from house C. The measure is angle ABC is 80 degrees. Draw a picture and find the distance between A and B.

Correct answer:

c = ft N/A

Step-by-step explanation:

b=50 ft a=60 ft β=80   Δ  SSA b2=a2+c2 2ac cosβ k=cosβ=cos80° =0.173648=0.17365  b2=a2+c22 a c k  502=602+c22 60 c 0.17364817766693 c2+20.838c1100=0 c220.838c+1100=0  p=1;q=20.838;r=1100 D=q24pr=20.8382411100=3965.7868696585 D<0  c1,2=2pq±D=220.84±3965.79 c1,2=220.84±i3965.79 c1,2=10.418891±31.487247i c1=10.418891+31.48724690116i c2=10.41889131.48724690116i  c=N/A

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