The following

The following data represents the number of cases of coffee or filters sold by four sales reps in a recent sales competition.
Sales Person Gourmet Single Cup Filters Total
Connor 142 325 30 497
Paige 42 125 40 207
Bryce 9 100 10 119
Mallory 71 75 40 186
Total 264 625 120 1009

What is the probability that a randomly selected case was sold by Mallory, or was a single cup? (enter your answer as a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredths)

Correct answer:

p =  0.73

Step-by-step explanation:

n=1009  p1=n186=10091860.1843 p2=n625=10096250.6194 p3=n75=1009750.0743  p=p1+p2p3=0.1843+0.61940.0743=1009736=0.73

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