An archer

An archer stands 60 meters (m) from a target. She launches an arrow that lands 3 centimeters (cm) from the bull's eye. The archer changes her position to 40 m from the target, and her next arrow lands 2 cm from the bull's eye. She changes her position to 20 m, and her next arrow lands 1 cm from the bull's eye.

Which points describe the situation when the archer stands at 40 m?

Let the x-coordinate be the archer's distance from the target in meters, and let the y-coordinate be the arrow's distance from the bull's eye in centimeters.

Correct answer:

e : e=x^2/600-x/2+4/3=y

Step-by-step explanation:

e(50)=3 e(40)=2 e(20)=1  y = e(x) = ax2+bx+c  3=a 502+b 50+c 2=a 402+b 40+c 1=a 202+b 20+c  2500a+50b+c=3 1600a+40b+c=2 400a+20b+c=1  Row225001600 Row1Row2 2500a+50b+c=3 8b+0.36c=0.08 400a+20b+c=1  Row32500400 Row1Row3 2500a+50b+c=3 8b+0.36c=0.08 12b+0.84c=0.52  Pivot:Row2Row3 2500a+50b+c=3 12b+0.84c=0.52 8b+0.36c=0.08  Row3128 Row2Row3 2500a+50b+c=3 12b+0.84c=0.52 0.2c=0.267  c=0.20.26666667=1.33333333 b=120.520.84c=120.520.84 1.33333333=0.05 a=2500350bc=2500350 (0.05)1.33333333=0.00166667  a=60010.001667 b=201=0.05 c=341.333333  e:e=x2/600x/2+4/3=y

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