Collin is making fruit for a birthday party using the recipe below
Pink lemonade 1 1/2 gal
Seltzer water 2 3/4 gal
Fruit juice 7/8 gal

Collin is using a punch bowl that holds 8 gallons of punch. How much more punch could Collin make the extra space in the bowl?

Correct answer:

x =  2 78 = 23/8 gal

Step-by-step explanation:

a=121=1+21=21 2+1=22+1=23=1.5 gal b=243=2+43=42 4+3=48+3=411=2.75 gal c=7/8=87=0.875 gal  V1=a+b+c=23+411+87=812+822+87=812+22+7=841=5.125 gal V2=8 gal  x=V2V1=8841=88 8841=864841=86441=823=823 gal=287 gal=2.875 gal

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