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A man gave 1/3 of his wealth to his wife, 2/3 of the remaining to his daughter, and divided the remaining between his two sons equally. If the daughter received Rs.3000000 more than one of the sons, find the value of the father's property.

Correct answer:

x =  9000000 Rs

Step-by-step explanation:

r1=310.3333 r2=32 (1r1)=32 (131)=940.4444  r1 x+r2 x + 2 s = x r2 x= 3000000+s  31 x+94 x + 2 s = x 94 x= 3000000+s  3 x+4 x+9 2 s=9 x 4 x=9 (3000000+s)  18s2x=0 9s4x=27000000  Row2189 Row1Row2 18s2x=0 3x=27000000  x=327000000=9000000=9000000 Rs s=180+2x=180+2 9000000=1000000  s=1000000 x=9000000   Verifying Solution:  w=r1 x=31 9000000=31 9000000=39000000=3000000 Rs d=r2 x=94 9000000=94 9000000=936000000=4000000 Rs s1=(xwd)/2=(900000030000004000000)/2=1000000 Rs

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