Rohans purchase

The cost of a pen is ₹ 15 ¾ and a pencil for ₹ 4 ¼. If Rohan purchased 3 pens and 12 pencils, which items cost him more and by how much?

Correct answer:

x = pencils
d =  3 34 = 15/4

Step-by-step explanation:

a=1543=15+43=415 4+3=460+3=463=1543=15.75 b=441=4+41=44 4+1=416+1=417=441=4.25  A=3 a=3 463=43 63=4189=47.25 B=12 b=12 417=412 17=4204=51  B>A x=pencils
d=BA=514189=451 44189=42044189=4204189=415=343=3.75

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