Gift baskets

Alessia and Alexia made some gift baskets to sell. 2/5 of them were Yu-Gi-oh themed, and the rest were Barbie-themed. They sold 3/4 of the yu-gi-oh-themed baskets and 7/12 of the Barbie-themed baskets. They remained with 56 gift baskets. How many gift baskets did they make?

Correct answer:

x =  160

Step-by-step explanation:

43 52 x+(152) 127 x+56=x  3/4 2/5 x+(12/5) 7/12 x+56=x  21x=3360  x=213360=160  x=160   Verifying Solution:   A=52 x=52 160=52 160=5320=64 B=xA=16064=96  a=43 A=43 64=43 64=4192=48 b=127 B=127 96=127 96=12672=56 r=xab=1604856=56

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