GP - three members

The second and third of a geometric progression are 24 and 12(c+1) respectively, given that the sum of the first three terms of progression is 76 determine value of c

Correct result:

c1 =  2
c2 =  0.333


a2=24 a3=12(c+1)  q=a3/a2=12(c+1)/24=(c+1)/2  a1=a2/q=24 2/(c+1)=48/(c+1)  s=a1+a2+a3=76  48/(c+1)+24+12(c+1)=76  48+24(c+1)+12(c+1)2=76(c+1)  48+24(2+1)+12(2+1)2=76(2+1)  c=c1=2 q=(c+1)/2=(2+1)/2=32=1.5 a1=a2/q=24/1.5=16 a3=a2 q=24 1.5=36 s2=a1+a2+a3=16+24+36=76  s2=s  c1=2

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q=(c2+1)/2=(0.3333+1)/2230.6667 a11=a2/q=24/0.6667=36 a33=a2 q=24 0.6667=16 s3=a11+a2+a33=36+24+16=76 s3=s2=s c2=0.3333=13=0.333q=(c_{2}+1)/2=(0.3333+1)/2 \doteq \dfrac{ 2 }{ 3 } \doteq 0.6667 \ \\ a_{11}=a_{2}/q=24/0.6667=36 \ \\ a_{33}=a_{2} \cdot \ q=24 \cdot \ 0.6667=16 \ \\ s_{3}=a_{11}+a_{2}+a_{33}=36+24+16=76 \ \\ s_{3}=s_{2}=s \ \\ c_{2}=0.3333=\dfrac{ 1 }{ 3 }=0.333

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