Goniometric form

Determine goniometric form of a complex number
z=30+2iz = \sqrt{ 30 } +2 i


Mod z =  5.83
Arg z =  20.06 °


Mod z=z=(Re z)2+(Im z)2=30+4=5.83Mod \ z = |z| = \sqrt{ (Re \ z)^2 + (Im \ z)^2 }= \sqrt{ 30 + 4 } = 5.83
tanφ=Im zRe z=230=0.365 φ=atan2(2,30)  Arg z=φ=20.06=20334"  z=30+2i=5.83(cos20334"+isin20334")\tan \varphi = \dfrac{ Im \ z }{ Re \ z} = \dfrac{ 2 }{ \sqrt{ 30 } } = 0.365 \ \\ \varphi = atan2(2, \sqrt{ 30 }) \ \\ \ \\ Arg \ z = \varphi = 20.06 ^\circ = 20^\circ 3'34" \ \\ \ \\ z = \sqrt{ 30 } +2 i = 5.83( \cos 20^\circ 3'34" + i \sin 20^\circ 3'34")

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