Cheops pyramid

The Pyramid of Cheops is a pyramid with a square base with a side of 233 m and a height of 146.6 m. It is made from limestone with a density of 2.7 g/cm3. Calculate the amount of stone in tons. How many trains with 30 twenty-ton wagons carry the stone?

Correct answer:

m =  7162891 t
n =  11938.1511

Step-by-step explanation:

a=233 m h=146.6 m  ρ=2.7 g/cm3 kg/m3=2.7 1000  kg/m3=2700 kg/m3  S1=a2=2332=54289 m2  V=31 S1 h=31 54289 146.62652922.4667 m3  m1=[ρ V]=[2700 2652922.4667]=7162890660 kg  m=m1 t=m1:1000  t=7162890660:1000  t=7162891 t=7162891 t
m2=30 20=600 t  n=m/m2=7162890.66/600=11938.1511

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