Pilsen circus

A city citizen saw the circus's arrival in Pilsen in the morning at 08:00. He passed this information at 08:15 to three other city residents. Each of these three people then informed the other three residents at 08:30, and again at 08:45, they reported the circus's arrival every three to other uninformed residents. This chain continued the same way every other quarter of an hour. What time did all residents of Pilsen first know about the arrival of the circus when each person was only informed once? Plzen = 171,707 inhabitants.


t = 11:00 Wrong answer

Step-by-step explanation:

s=171707  q=3 a1=1  s = a1 q1qn1  s/a1   (q1)+1 = qn  ln s/a1   (q1)+1 = n ln q  n=lnqln(s/a1 (q1)+1)=ln3ln(171707/1 (31)+1)11.6025  t1=8.00+0.25 (n1)=8.00+0.25 (11.60251)10.6506  t=t1=10.6506=11=11:00

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