The two bodies move in the same direction evenly in a straight line, at speeds of 5 cm/s and 10 cm/s. The movement of the first body started 2 seconds earlier than the movement of the second body, from a point located at a distance of 20 cm from the starting point (where the second body was located). Draw a suitable chart in which you can find the place and time of the meeting.

Correct answer:

s =  26.6667 cm
t =  4.6667 s

Step-by-step explanation:

s = 4(t+2)
s = 10t-20

s = 4·(t+2)
s = 10·t-20

s-4t = 8
s-10t = -20

Row 2 - Row 1 → Row 2
s-4t = 8
-6t = -28

t = -28/-6 = 4.66666667
s = 8+4t = 8+4 · 4.66666667 = 26.66666667

s = 80/3 ≈ 26.666667
t = 14/3 ≈ 4.666667

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