The bridge

A vehicle weighing 5,800 kg passes 41 km/h on an arched bridge with a radius of curvature of 62 m. What force pushes the car onto the bridge as it passes through the center? What maximum speed can it cross over the center of the bridge, so it does not fly off the road?

Correct answer:

F =  44764.139 N
v2 =  24.6621 m/s

Step-by-step explanation:

m=5800 kg v1=41 km/h m/s=41:3.6  m/s=11.38889 m/s r=62 m g=9.81 m/s2  F = Fg  Fo F=m gm v12/r=5800 9.815800 11.38892/62 N=44764.139 N
Fg = Fo m   g = m  v22 / r g = v22 / r  v2=r g=62 9.81=24.6621 m/s

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