Profitable company

Three businessmen decide to open up their own company. They agree to distribute the yearly profits made in the same ratio as their initial investments. They invest R 50 000, R 75 000, and R25 000, respectively. The profit made by the company in the first year is R600 000.

(1) Express the ratio of the initial investments in the simplest form.
(2) How much will each businessman receive by way of profit?

Correct answer:

r = 2:3:1
p1 =  200000
p2 =  300000
p3 =  100000

Step-by-step explanation:

a=50000 b=75000 c=25000  50000=2455 75000=23355 25000=2355 GCD(50000,75000,25000)=2355=25000  k=GCD(a,b,c)=GCD(50000,75000,25000)=25000  a0=a/k=50000/25000=2 b0=b/k=75000/25000=3 c0=c/k=25000/25000=1  r=2:3:1
p=600000 p1=p 2+3+12=600000 2+3+12=200000
p2=p 2+3+13=600000 2+3+13=300000
p3=p 2+3+11=600000 2+3+11=100000

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