Planet Earth

What is the weight of the planet Earth, if its average density is ρ = 2.5 g/cm ^ 3?

Correct answer:

m =  2.7080172921145E+21 t

Step-by-step explanation:

ρ=2.5 g/cm3 ρ1=ρ kg/m3=ρ 1000  kg/m3=2.5 1000  kg/m3=2500 kg/m3  R=6371 km m=6371 1000  m=6371000 m  V=34 π R3=34 3.1416 63710003=1.08320691684581021 m3  m1=ρ1 V=2500 1.08320691684581021=2.70801729211451024 kg  m=m1 t=m1:1000  t=2.70801729211451024:1000  t=2.70801729211451021 t=2.70801729211451021 t

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