Repairman has vowed to do repair work at the plant for 25 days. However work had to be shortened, and therefore he took helper worker. Together they made all the corrections for the whole days. How long it would take work to helper worker?


x =  100


t(125+1x)=1 x+2525x=1t t(x+25)=25x  x=120;t=20.6896551724 x=119;t=20.6597222222 x=118;t=20.6293706294 x=117;t=20.5985915493 x=116;t=20.5673758865 x=115;t=20.5357142857 x=114;t=20.5035971223 x=113;t=20.4710144928 x=112;t=20.4379562044 x=111;t=20.4044117647 x=110;t=20.3703703704 x=109;t=20.3358208955 x=108;t=20.3007518797 x=107;t=20.2651515152 x=106;t=20.2290076336 x=105;t=20.1923076923 x=104;t=20.1550387597 x=103;t=20.1171875 x=102;t=20.0787401575 x=101;t=20.0396825397 x=100;t=20 x=100t(\dfrac{1}{25} +\dfrac{1}{x}) = 1 \ \\ \dfrac{x+25}{25x} = \dfrac{1}{t} \ \\ t(x+25) = 25x \ \\ \ \\ x= 120 ; t=20.6896551724 \ \\ x= 119 ; t=20.6597222222 \ \\ x= 118 ; t=20.6293706294 \ \\ x= 117 ; t=20.5985915493 \ \\ x= 116 ; t=20.5673758865 \ \\ x= 115 ; t=20.5357142857 \ \\ x= 114 ; t=20.5035971223 \ \\ x= 113 ; t=20.4710144928 \ \\ x= 112 ; t=20.4379562044 \ \\ x= 111 ; t=20.4044117647 \ \\ x= 110 ; t=20.3703703704 \ \\ x= 109 ; t=20.3358208955 \ \\ x= 108 ; t=20.3007518797 \ \\ x= 107 ; t=20.2651515152 \ \\ x= 106 ; t=20.2290076336 \ \\ x= 105 ; t=20.1923076923 \ \\ x= 104 ; t=20.1550387597 \ \\ x= 103 ; t=20.1171875 \ \\ x= 102 ; t=20.0787401575 \ \\ x= 101 ; t=20.0396825397 \ \\ x= 100 ; t=20 \ \\ x= 100

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