The repairman has vowed to do repair work at the plant for 25 days. However, work had to be shortened, so he took a helper worker. Together they made all the corrections for the whole day. How long would it take work to help workers?

Correct answer:

x =  100

Step-by-step explanation:

t(251+x1)=1 25xx+25=t1 t(x+25)=25x  x=120;t=20.689655172414 x=119;t=20.659722222222 x=118;t=20.629370629371 x=117;t=20.598591549296 x=116;t=20.567375886525 x=115;t=20.535714285714 x=114;t=20.503597122302 x=113;t=20.471014492754 x=112;t=20.43795620438 x=111;t=20.404411764706 x=110;t=20.37037037037 x=109;t=20.335820895522 x=108;t=20.300751879699 x=107;t=20.265151515152 x=106;t=20.229007633588 x=105;t=20.192307692308 x=104;t=20.15503875969 x=103;t=20.1171875 x=102;t=20.07874015748 x=101;t=20.039682539683 x=100;t=20 x=100

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