The piglet

The weight of the piglet grew regularly by five kilograms for four months. Determine the proportion by weight of the piglet in each month, if the first weighed 35 kg.


r1 =  8:7
r2 =  9:8
r3 =  10:9
r4 =  11:10


m0=35 kg d=5 kg m1=m0+d=35+5=40 kg  r1=m1/m0=40/35871.14291.14298:7m_{0}=35 \ \text{kg} \ \\ d=5 \ \text{kg} \ \\ m_{1}=m_{0}+d=35+5=40 \ \text{kg} \ \\ \ \\ r_{1}=m_{1}/m_{0}=40/35 \doteq \dfrac{ 8 }{ 7 } \doteq 1.1429≈ 1.1429 \doteq 8:7
m2=m1+d=40+5=45 kg r2=m2/m1=45/40=98=1.125=9:8m_{2}=m_{1}+d=40+5=45 \ \text{kg} \ \\ r_{2}=m_{2}/m_{1}=45/40=\dfrac{ 9 }{ 8 }=1.125=9:8
m3=m2+d=45+5=50 kg r3=m3/m2=50/451091.11111.111110:9m_{3}=m_{2}+d=45+5=50 \ \text{kg} \ \\ r_{3}=m_{3}/m_{2}=50/45 \doteq \dfrac{ 10 }{ 9 } \doteq 1.1111≈ 1.1111 \doteq 10:9
m4=m3+d=50+5=55 kg r4=m4/m3=55/50=1110=1.1=11:10m_{4}=m_{3}+d=50+5=55 \ \text{kg} \ \\ r_{4}=m_{4}/m_{3}=55/50=\dfrac{ 11 }{ 10 }=1.1=11:10

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