Water mixing

We have 520 ml of hot water and 640 ml of water at 48°C. What is the temperature of approximately hot water when the resulting mixture has a temperature of 65°C?

Correct answer:

t1 =  85.9231 °C

Step-by-step explanation:

V1=520 ml V2=640 ml  t2=48  t=65   Q=m c (tt0) m=ρV Q=ρV c (tt0)  Q1+Q2=Q ρ V1 c (t1t0)+ρ V2 c (t2t0)=ρ (V1+V2) c (tt0) V1 (t1t0)+V2 (t2t0)=(V1+V2) (tt0)  V1 t1+V2 t2=t (V1+V2) 520 t1+640 48=65 (520+640)  520t1=44680  t1=13111785.923077=85.9231°C

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