The bath

The bath has water with a volume of 220 l and a temperature of 65°C. Find the mass m2 of water at 15°C to be poured, so the resulting temperature in the bath will be 40°C. We neglect the heat exchange between water and the environment. The mass heat capacity of water is 4200 J/kg ∙ °C.

Correct answer:

m2 =  220 l

Step-by-step explanation:

m1=220 l t1=65 l c=4200 J/kg/°C  t2=15 °C t=40 °C  Q1+Q2=Q m1 c t1 + m2 c t2 = (m1+m2) c t  m1 t1+m2 t2=(m1+m2) t 220 65+m2 15=(220+m2) 40  25m2=5500  m2=255500=220  m2=220=220 l

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