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One page is torn from the book. The sum of the page numbers of all the remaining pages is 15,000. What numbers did the pages have on the page that was torn from the book?

Correct answer:

x1 =  112
x2 =  113

Step-by-step explanation:

21 n(n+1) = 15000 + x n (n+1) = 30000 + 2x  o=30000=100 3173.2051  n (n+1) = 173 174  n=174  x=21 n (n+1)15000=21 174 (174+1)15000=225 x = x1+x2  x1=x/20.5=225/20.5=112
x2=x1+1=112+1=113   Verifying Solution:  s=2n (1+n)=2174 (1+174)=15225 s2=sx1x2=15225112113=15000

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