Remembered 2766

Aunt bought 6 identical mugs and one coffee pot. She paid €60 in total. A teapot was more expensive than one mug but cheaper than two mugs. Auntie remembered that all the prices were in whole euros. How much € was one mug, and how much was a kettle?

Correct answer:

a =  8 eur
b =  12 eur

Step-by-step explanation:

a=1;b=6061=54 a=2;b=6062=48 a=3;b=6063=42 a=4;b=6064=36 a=5;b=6065=30 a=6;b=6066=24 a=7;b=6067=18 a=8;b=6068=12 OK a=9;b=6069=6 

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