9-gon pyramid

Calculate a nine-sided pyramid's volume and surface, the base of which can be inscribed with a circle with radius ρ = 7.2 cm and whose side edge s = 10.9 cm.

Correct answer:

V =  409.0382 cm3
S =  299.899 cm2

Step-by-step explanation:

ρ=7.2 cm s=10.9 cm n=9  h2 +ρ2 = s2  h=s2ρ2=10.927.228.1835 cm  α=2 n2π=2 92 3.14160.3491 rad  sin α = a/2 : ρ  a=2 ρ sinα=2 7.2 sin0.34914.9251 cm h2=ρ2(a/2)2=7.22(4.9251/2)26.7658 cm  S1=2a h2=24.9251 6.765816.6611 cm  S9=n S1=9 16.6611149.9495 cm2  V=31 S9 h=31 149.9495 8.1835=409.0382 cm3
S2=2a h2=24.9251 10.618216.6611 cm2 h2=h2+h22=8.18352+10.6182210.6182 cm  S=S9+n S2=149.9495+9 16.6611=299.899 cm2

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