Fresh juice

The seller offers fresh-squeezed juice, which the customer either pours into his own containers or sells in liter plastic bottles, which the customer buys from him.
A liter of juice costs 40 CZK more than a bottle.
There is no charge for turning the juice into your own container.
When you buy 6 liters of juice, you will pay CZK 312, including a surcharge for six bottles.

1) Calculate in CZK how much you will pay for 5 liters of juice in bottles purchased from the seller.
2) Calculate what percentage of the total price of juice purchased in plastic bottles is the purchased bottle's value.
Round the result to one decimal place
3) Calculate in CZK how much you will pay for 6 liters of juice poured into your own container.

Correct answer:

a =  260 Kc
b =  11.5 %
x =  276 Kc

Step-by-step explanation:

c=40+o 6c+6o=312  c=40+o 6 c+6 o=312  co=40 6c+6o=312  Pivot:Row1Row2 6c+6o=312 co=40  Row261 Row1Row2 6c+6o=312 2o=12  o=212=6 c=63126o=63126 6=46  c=46 o=6  a=5 (c+o)=5 (46+6)=260 Kc
b=100 o+co=100 6+466=13150%=11.5%
x=6 c=6 46=276 Kc

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