Iglu - cone tent

The cone-shaped tent is 3 m high, the diameter of its base is 3.2 m. a) The tent is made of two layers of material. How many m2 of fabric is needed for production (including flooring) if 20% needs to be added to the minimum amount due to cutting waste? b) How many m3 of air is in the tent?

Correct answer:

S =  60.3186 m2
V =  8.0425 m3

Step-by-step explanation:

n=2 q=100%+20%=1+10020=1.2 h=3 m D=3.2 m  r=D/2=516/2=58=1.6 m S1=π r2=π 582=3.1416 1.628.0425 m2  s=r2+h2=582+h2=1.62+32=517=3.4 m  S2=π r s=π 58 517=3.1416 1.6 3.417.0903  S=n q (S1+S2)=n 56 (S1+S2)=2 1.2 (8.0425+17.0903)=60.3186 m2
V=31 S1 h=31 8.0425 3=8.0425 m3

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