The flowerbed has a length 3500mm and a width 1400mm. How many foil is needed to covers the flowerbed? How many m2 of foil was consumed for its production (add 10% of the material to the joint and waste)? How many liters of air is inside the enclosure? (Flowerbed height is 1 dm)


S1 =  4.9 m2
S2 =  6.468 m2
V =  490 l


a=3500/1000=72=3.5 m2 b=1400/1000=75=1.4 m2 c=100/1000=110=0.1 m2 S1=a b=3.5 1.4=4910=4.9 m2a=3500/1000=\dfrac{ 7 }{ 2 }=3.5 \ \text{m}^2 \ \\ b=1400/1000=\dfrac{ 7 }{ 5 }=1.4 \ \text{m}^2 \ \\ c=100 /1000=\dfrac{ 1 }{ 10 }=0.1 \ \text{m}^2 \ \\ S_{1}=a \cdot \ b=3.5 \cdot \ 1.4=\dfrac{ 49 }{ 10 }=4.9 \ \text{m}^2
S=S1+c (2 a+2 b)=4.9+0.1 (2 3.5+2 1.4)=14725=5.88 S2=(1+10/100) S=(1+10/100) 5.88=1617250=6.468 m2S=S_{1} + c \cdot \ (2 \cdot \ a+2 \cdot \ b)=4.9 + 0.1 \cdot \ (2 \cdot \ 3.5+2 \cdot \ 1.4)=\dfrac{ 147 }{ 25 }=5.88 \ \\ S_{2}=(1+10/100) \cdot \ S=(1+10/100) \cdot \ 5.88=\dfrac{ 1617 }{ 250 }=6.468 \ \text{m}^2
V=1000 S1 c=1000 4.9 0.1=490 lV=1000 \cdot \ S_{1} \cdot \ c=1000 \cdot \ 4.9 \cdot \ 0.1=490 \ \text{l}

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