Total area

Calculate the total area (surface and bases) of a prism whose base is a rhombus which diagonals of 12cm and 18cm and prism height are 10 cm.

Correct answer:

S =  648.6662 cm2

Step-by-step explanation:

d1=12 cm d2=18 cm h=10 cm  S1=2d1 d2=212 18=108 cm2  (d1/2)2+(d2/2)2 = a2  a=(d1/2)2+(d2/2)2=(12/2)2+(18/2)2=3 13 cm10.8167 cm  o=4 a=4 10.8167=12 13 cm43.2666 cm  S2=o h=43.2666 10=120 13 cm2432.6662 cm2  S=2 S1+S2=2 108+432.6662=648.6662 cm2

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