Tourists hire a guide. Everyone will pay the same amount. If there are two less of them, they will pay 14 crowns more, and if there are three more, they will pay 14 crowns less. How many tourists are there and how much have the guides paid.

Correct answer:

n =  12
p =  840

Step-by-step explanation:

(n2) (c+14)=p (n+3) (c14)=p n c=p  (n2) (c+14)=n c (n+3) (c14)=n c  2 (c7 n+14)=0 3 c14 n42=0  2 (c7 n+14)=0 3 c14 n42=0  2c14n=28 3c14n=42  c=70 n=12
p=n c=12 70=840

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