If water flows into the pool by two inlets, fill the whole for 20 hours. The first inlet filled the pool 8 hour longer than the second. How long does the pool take to fill with two inlets separately?

Correct answer:

t1 =  44.4 h
t2 =  36.4 h

Step-by-step explanation:

t11+t21 = 201 t1 = t2 + 8 h  t2 = t1  8 1/t1 + 1/(t18) = 1/20  20 (x8)+20 x=(x8) x  20 (x8)+20 x=(x8) x x2+48x160=0 x248x+160=0  a=1;b=48;c=160 D=b24ac=48241160=1664 D>0  x1,2=2ab±D=248±1664=248±826 x1,2=24±20.396078 x1=44.396078054 x2=3.603921946  t1>0 t1=x1=44.3961=44.4 h

Our quadratic equation calculator calculates it.

t2>0 t2=t18=44.39618=36.4 h

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Math student
multiply each term by18(t1)(t1-10)
that results in
using the quadratic formula results in t1=-49.6 and 3.63
ubless i made a mistake, your calculations need reexamination!!!        Correct me, please.

5 years ago  4 Likes
Dr Math
right side of equation is wrong - should be t1*(t1-10) = t12 - 10*t1 now t13-10t1

5 years ago  1 Like
Math student
the problems seems to have changed - - - t2 is now equal t1-6

therefore 1/t1+1/(t1-6)=1/18
multiplying each term by18(t1)(t1-6) ==== 18(t1-6)+18t1=t1(t1-6), simplifying further 18t1-108+18t1=t12-6t1
or 0=t12-6t1-18t1+108
graphing y=18(t1-6)+18t1-t1(t1-6) results in t1=39.25 hours and t2=39.25-6=33.25 hours (same as your NEW answer!!!!

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