Jewelry factory

In a jewelry factory, three assemblers make beaded necklaces.  Marcus can make 22 necklaces per hour all day long. Anita can make 25 necklaces for her first three hours of the day and then slow down to 16 necklaces for the rest of the day. Yara can make 27 necklaces per hour but works a maximum of six hours a day.  The factory gets a new order from a significant retailer for 1000 necklaces at 8:00 AM Monday.  Assuming   Marcus and Anita work 8 hours a day and Yara works her maximum, and nobody works on the weekend,  what day and time will the order be fully assembled?


d =  3
t = 8:02 hh:mm Wrong answer

Step-by-step explanation:

n=1000 M=22 A1=25 A2=16 Y=27  d1=M 8+3 A1+5 A2+6 Y=22 8+3 25+5 16+6 27=493 d=1+n/d1=1+1000/493=3  Wednesday (Streda)
r=nd d1=10003 493=479  t=8.00+M+A1+A2+Yd=8.00+22+25+16+273=8.03333=8:02 hh:mm

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