Brick wall

A garden 70 m long and 48 m wide should surround by a wall 2.1 meters high and 30 cm thick. The bricklayer will build a wall on the garden ground. How many will we need if 300 bricks are required for approximately one m³?

Correct answer:

n =  44378

Step-by-step explanation:

a=70 m b=48 m c=2.1 m h=30 cm m=30:100  m=0.3 m  S1=a b=70 48=3360 m2 S2=(a2 h) (b2 h)=(702 0.3) (482 0.3)=2582239=32892514=3289.56 m2  V=(S1S2) c=(33603289.56) 2.1=147.924 m3  n=300 V=300 147.924=44378

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Math student
unprecise - need to know if wall needs to be build ON garden-ground (like in the solution) or if wall should enclose whole garden - in that case:
2.1 * ( 2 * 48 + 2 * 70 ) * 0.3 * 300 = 44604 does the trick

Dr Math
thank you, we corrected the wording of the problem. But your solutions 44604  tricks is also wrong because in the corners some bricks are not counted.

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