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Construct a square that has the area as a rhombus ABCD ak / AB / = 5cm, / AD / = 4cm and angle | DAB | = 30 °

Correct answer:

a =  3.1623 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

1;AB;AB=5cm 2;XAB,XAB=30° 3;k1;k1(A,r=AD=4cm) 4;D;D=k1XA 5;ABCD 6;p;p=AB 7;Y;Yp;BY=v(AB,CD) 8;S;Sp;AS=YS 9;k2;k2(S,r2=AS) 10;p2;p2p;Bp2 12;Z;Z=p2k2 13;a=ZB 14;EFGH;EF=FG=GH=HE=a  AB=5 cm α=30  AD=4 cm  v=AD sin(α)=4 sin(30°)=2 cm  a2=AB v a=AB v=5 2=103.1623 cm   Verifying Solution:  S1=AB v=5 2=10 cm2 S2=a2=3.16232=10 cm2

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