Vertices of RT

Show that the points P1 (5,0), P2 (2,1) & P3 (4,7) are the vertices of a right triangle.

Correct result:

x =  0


x1=5 y1=0 x2=2 y2=1 x3=4 y3=7 a=(x1x2)2+(y1y2)2=(52)2+(01)2103.1623 b=(x1x3)2+(y1y3)2=(54)2+(07)25 27.0711 c=(x2x3)2+(y2y3)2=(24)2+(17)22 106.3246 x=b2(a2+c2)=7.07112(3.16232+6.32462)=0x_{1}=5 \ \\ y_{1}=0 \ \\ x_{2}=2 \ \\ y_{2}=1 \ \\ x_{3}=4 \ \\ y_{3}=7 \ \\ a=\sqrt{ (x_{1}-x_{2})^2+(y_{1}-y_{2})^2 }=\sqrt{ (5-2)^2+(0-1)^2 } \doteq \sqrt{ 10 } \doteq 3.1623 \ \\ b=\sqrt{ (x_{1}-x_{3})^2+(y_{1}-y_{3})^2 }=\sqrt{ (5-4)^2+(0-7)^2 } \doteq 5 \ \sqrt{ 2 } \doteq 7.0711 \ \\ c=\sqrt{ (x_{2}-x_{3})^2+(y_{2}-y_{3})^2 }=\sqrt{ (2-4)^2+(1-7)^2 } \doteq 2 \ \sqrt{ 10 } \doteq 6.3246 \ \\ x=b^2-(a^2+c^2)=7.0711^2-(3.1623^2+6.3246^2)=0

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