The barrel

The barrel is 135 cm high. If we fill it to a height of 60 cm and it weighs 163 kg. If we fill it to a height of 80 cm, it weighs 213 kg. How many kg weighs a full and how much empty barrel?

Correct answer:

f =  350.5 kg
b =  13 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

h=135 cm m1=163 kg m2=213 kg  q1=h60=13560=940.4444 q2=h80=13580=27160.5926  q1 a+b=m1 q2 a+b=m2 0.44444444444444 a+b=163 0.59259259259259 a+b=213  0.444444a+b=163 0.592593a+b=213  a=2675337.5 b=13  f=a+b=337.5+13=2701 kg=350.5 kg

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