Cube-shaped 5916

Eric cleans up after playing with a cube-shaped cube with an edge of 14 cm. He cleans them into three boxes.
How many cubes can fit in:
1) cuboid with edges 4.2 dm, 5.6 dm, and 7dm?
2) a cube with an edge of 560 mm?
3) cuboid with edges 0.98m, 2.8 dm, and 42 cm?

Correct answer:

n1 =  60
n2 =  64
n3 =  42

Step-by-step explanation:

a=14 cm V=a3=143=2744 cm3 V1=42 56 70=164640 cm3 n1=V1/V=164640/2744=60
a2=560/10=56 cm V2=a23=563=175616 cm3 n2=V2/V=175616/2744=64
V3=98 28 42=115248 cm3 n3=V3/V=115248/2744=42

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