Brian 2

Brian and Jake left their homes 500 miles apart and drove straight toward each other. It took 4 hours for the two to meet if Jake's speed was 15 mph slower than Brian's. What was Brian's speed?

Correct answer:

v1 =  70 mph

Step-by-step explanation:

s=500 mi t=4 h  s1+s2 = s s = v t  v1 t+v2 t=s v2=v115 v1 4+v2 4=500 v2=v115  4v1+4v2=500 v1v2=15  Row241 Row1Row2 4v1+4v2=500 2v2=110  v2=2110=55 v1=45004v2=45004 55=70=70 mph  v1=70 v2=55

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