A large tank is partially filled with a solution. The tank has a faucet that allows solution to enter the tank at a rate of 16 3/4 liters per minute. The tank also has a drain that allows solution to leave the tank at a rate of 19 4/5 liters per minute. (a) What expression represents the change in volume of solution in the tank in 1 minute? (b) Simplify and give your answer as a simplified mixed number. (c) What is the change in volume of the solution after 10 minutes? Show necessary work. Give your answer as a simplified mixed number.

Correct answer:

V1 =  -61/20 l
c =  -61/2 l

Step-by-step explanation:

t1=1 min Q1=1643=16+43=416 4+3=467=16.75 l/min Q2=1954=19+54=519 5+4=599=19.8 l/min  Q=Q1Q2=16.7519.8=2061=3.05  V1=t1 Q=1 (3.05)=2061 l=3201 l=3.05 l
t2=10 min  c=t2 Q=10 (3.05)=261 l=30.5 l

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