Pipe thickness

The outer circumference of the tube is 32cm. Its length is 60cm, density 8.5g/cm3 and weight 9.495kg. Calculate the wall thickness of the pipe.

Correct answer:

h =  0.6195 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

o=32 cm L=60 cm ρ=8.5 g/cm3 m=9.495 kg g=9.495 1000  g=9495 g  m=ρV  V=m/ρ=9495/8.5=17189901117.0588 cm3  o=2πR  R=o/(2π)=32/(2 3.1416)5.093 cm  V=S L S=V/L=1117.0588/60=3463318.6176 cm2  S1=π R2=3.1416 5.093281.4873 cm2 S=S1S2  S2=S1S=81.487318.617662.8697 cm2  S2=πr2  r=S2/π=62.8697/3.14164.4735 cm  h=Rr=5.0934.4735=0.6195 cm

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