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A force of 60 N acts on the smaller piston of a hydraulic press, 24 mm in diameter. What is the pressure in the liquid below the piston? How much compressive force is produced on the larger piston with a diameter of 420 mm?

Correct answer:

p =  132629.1192 Pa
F2 =  18375 N

Step-by-step explanation:

D1=24 mm m=24:1000  m=0.024 m D2=420 mm m=420:1000  m=0.42 m F1=60 N  r1=D1/2=0.024/2=2503=0.012 m S1=π r12=3.1416 0.01220.0005 m2  r2=D2/2=0.42/2=10021=0.21 m S2=π r22=3.1416 0.2120.1385 m2  p=F1/S1=60/0.0005=132629.1192 Pa=1.326105 Pa
F2=p S2=132629.1192 0.1385=18375 N

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